Spring Awakening My Arse

The Lib Dem spring conference was one that didn’t quite happen for me.

IMG_5810The previous night I was up till 4 O’clock packing all of my belongings – very much
regretting hoarding on books and clothes my entire life. I also revised for an
‘Understanding English Grammar Exam’, which trust me, is as fun as it sounds. I’d b
een putting off going through the lecture notes and textbooks which meant that the night and following morning were one big knowledge-cram. Sensible life choices

Nevertheless the exam went particularly well. Or at least better than last time, where the moderator didn’t turn up and I got very stressed and didn’t finish the paper…
After which I said goodbye to my flatmates and started “The Move”.

This is the first move of three in the next 4 weeks. I am very thankful to my friend Jacob for helping move stuff which my car, which saves an awful amount on Taxi Fares… there were 20 bags in total. I am such an awful hoarder.

By 4 O’clock I’d finally finished moving in and went to see everyone. It’s a joy to see Liberal Youth and Bristol / Bath / Somerset Liberal Democrats, especially because most of these people are ones that you’ve been speaking or following to for quite some time online, with geophysical constraints for seeing more often.

The free wine started there. I had a modest 4 glasses. The leadership rally was awfully fun, although very long for someone with a short attention span. I was especially amused at seeing Catherine Bearder speaking draped with a Union Flag – reminiscent of some friends on nights out.


We then went to wetherspoons for refreshments, and then went to Novotel Fringe where I drank a triple. See this is where the whole memory thing ended. I had neglected to eat that day, and was what I believe is reasonably within the description of being a ‘Disgrace’. Most pickled. I said words to people from around Bristol, probably non sensical. Then as per entered a state of whimsical nonsensical drunkenness that seems to reoccur in Lib Dem events. #Resign, as it were.
I woke up at about 1 having missed the only motion in conference i really cared about, Legalisation of Cannabis, good-o. Legalisation is the only way to end the awful blackmarket and lack of regulation of the booming drugs industry. (it passed anyway)… I then had a shower and sheepishly waddled to Whetherspoons, still most inebriated. I witnessed Wales lose a rugby match, whilst drinking litres and litres of non-acoholic fluids. After a while I went to fringe, hummed ‘Bread of Heaven’ to myself, quite the fan. And slightly miserable at the state of my body, went back to travellodge, having accidentally completely faux-pas-ed some more, even in my sober state.

The following morning I was actually able to go to the All Women’s Shortlist Debate. It was very interesting. I was undecided at first, considered abstaining, then voted against the amendment 1, and for the overall motion. I agreed with practically everything the many Liberal Youth argued about  tokenism and how it was basically a futile cosmetic stop gap measure. But at this point I felt like anything this party can do to improve what seems like an unfortunately misogynistic transphobic racist and ableist system should be done. I apologise to everyone who was let down by AWS and many of my close friends disagreeing with the motion. I immensely respected your argument and the way you put it across. All I hope now is that the party doesn’t treat this as the solution. Equality and Diversity is far from the current state of the party, and only large structural reforms, and more grassroots measures can truly improve this, in my opinion. Sorry to those who think I’m spouting bullshit. (that said I don’t actually expect anyone to read this blog, this is just me trying to get into the hand of creating more regular content)

Conference  was a bit a a mess. Oppsiedasie.

Next Time,

xoxo Huwseless

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