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Springhead Creative Writing Weekend, 4-6th July 2014

Springhead, Dorset, 4-6th July 2014

This Weekend, I went on a literature trip to a manor house which was once owned by a British Fascist. It was rather creative and felt very pretentious but I really enjoyed it.

We were encouraged to write lots of creative pieces through writing games.
I created a story in my head about a 62 year old catholic conservative who was a closeted lesbian in a rather abusive relationship with a dullard man.


I also wrote some poems, and some Haikus.

The Frankenstein Haiku :

Why creator, why
Did you make me in the image
nobody could love.

Springhead is wonderful, like a little pocket of paradise on earth… except with occasional by-planes in the air which were on their way to a nearby air show.


My friend asked me whether I was gay, and I denied it because I’d never been asked and now rather regret it. I won’t again.

Seaton: Food, Alcohol, and a Gunman in Cornwall, 27th to 29th June 2016

Seaton, 27th June 2014

Today, my friends, Edward, Carmen, Jack, Madeline, and I got a Megabus, or at least, a Taxi-replacement-service, to Plymouth and then onwards to the village of Seaton.

Seaton is in the middle of nowhere where nothing usually happens. The Taxi driver himself commented  “we’re in the back of beyond”. It was some surprise to us that an armed gunman-cum-Elvis-impersonator was on the loose in the area.

At 5 PM, a local BBC news report came through, the police released a statement that the gunman was in our village. This really concerned us. Sure enough we looked out of the window and a police helicopter and 7 armed vehicles were on patrol, on out street was a police marksman who explained what was going on whilst I took photos on my DSLR.


Needless to say we were a little scared, feeling a little vulnerable.
Such fears were numbed through alcohol, and lots of it.
This holiday had gotten rather unexpectedly exciting.

At 9 am on the 28th of June 2014 the gunman had been captured, and was sentenced to remain indefinitely in a mental hospital.

Seaton, 28th June 2014

Today, We walked to Looe Food Festival where I partook in a cider tasting, and picked up a taste for vintage cider, oh always the hipster. I slobbered over this glorious Persian meal with marinated chicken, Mirza Ghasemi, which was basically an amazing version of Baba Ganoush, it was sweet and rich and salty and meaty all at the same timeIMG_6429

I have come to a conclusion that I need to find a Persian chef and marry them for their food. I also read this book called ‘One Man Guy’ about an Armenian teen living in New York, from which I learnt about the Armenian Genocide and the beautiful Rufus Wainwright. We watched Glastonbury then went to bed, with copious amounts of alcohol between those two points of time.

Seaton, 29th June 2014

Last Night, we went to a pub and used all the cocktail sticks. We ventured into the sea, where we swam and were surprisingly not freezing. We had a super Barbecue, I had prawns and Egyptian spices. We drank and laughed as a group sang a bastardised rendition of “Piano man”. In the evening I finished a book called “Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe”, which was a really cute gay coming-of-age novel, which was infuriating in the sense that the entire book was an inevitable “Will They/Won’t They?” I loved it nevertheless, because it was beautifully written.